Agatha Christie《The Murder of Roger Ackroyd》


出版日期:2002年12月 (原著於1926年出版)

外國人打麻雀很少見在小說內,而這本作品更是1926年出版的,看八十年前的外國人打麻雀會是怎樣?我節錄了有關打牌的文字出來給大家看看,他們一邊打牌一邊說著八卦和誰殺了那 Roger Ackroyd。

“Washing the tiles," said the colonel facetiously.
“That’s right – washing the tiles, as we used to say in the Shanghai Club."

(洗牌他們叫 washing the tiles)

“Shall we begin?" said Caroline.
We sat round the table. For some five minutes there was complete silence, owing to the fact that there is tremendous secret competition amongst us as to who can build their wall quickest.


“Go on, James," said Caroline at last. “You’re East Wind."

I discarded a tile. A round or two proceeded, broken by the monotonous remarks of ‘Three Bamboos,’ ‘Two Circles,’ ‘Pung,’ and frequently from Miss Gannett ‘Unpung,’ owing to the lady’s habit of too hastily claiming tiles to which she had no right.
(哈!大家也知道吧!Three Bamboos 是三索,Two Circles 就是二筒,Pung 是碰牌,但那位女士卻時常叫碰完之後發現不能碰而要 「Un-碰」!)

“Ah!" said Caroline interestedly. “Chow."
“I believe," said Miss Gannett, temporarily diverted, “that it’s the right thing nowadays to say ‘Chee’ not ‘Chow’."

(這裡她說得對,應該是 Chee “吃",不是 Chow)

“How’s that, Miss Gannett?" asked the colonel. “I’ll Pung that Green Dragon……"
(什麼是 Green Dragon?一索嗎?還是發?????)

“Ah! A concealed Kong."
The colonel gave vent to a whistle. “Your own wind, too," he said. “And you’ve got two Pungs of Dragons. We must be careful. Miss Caroline’s out for a big hand."


“Mah Jong!" said Miss Gannett.
Caroline was very much annoyed.

(食糊時叫 Mah Jong,做了成手好牌的 Caroline 最激氣了…)

“It’s a sign of weakness to Chow so early," said Caroline severely. “You should go for a big hand."(他們也有研究,太早上了牌未必是好的?!)

“If you would only play a leetle quicker, dear," said Caroline, as Miss Gannett hesitated over her discard.
“The Chinese put down the tiles so quickly it sounds like little birds pattering."
For some minutes we played like the Chinese.



I had read of there being such a thing as The Perfect Winning – going Mah Jong on one’s original hand. I had never hoped to hold the hand myself.
“As they say in the Shanghai Club," I remarked – “Tin-ho – the Perfect Winning!"
The colonel’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head…….




對「Agatha Christie《The Murder of Roger Ackroyd》」的一則回應

  1. XDDDDDDDDDDDD笑死我了!講起我都手痕!
    Green Dragon應是發財吧,一索是Phoenix吧?發財對於他們來說太多筆劃了!

    • 我也想可能是發財,所以他們才要pung!
      萬字他們叫Character (即 Chinese Character),三萬便是Three Characters 了。


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